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The Virus Disinfection Chamber VDC-X is designed to disinfect people entering cleaner private spaces from public spaces. New design of the intelligent sterilization chamber with optimized technologies and exceptionally outperforms analog lines, unique only at VDC-X.

Size: 2.05m x 1.15m x 0.45m

Used for Hospitals, Schools, Markets, Restaurants and Nail salons.


The Virus Disinfection Chamber VDC-M sterilization frame is a modern smart design that is appreciated by leading sterilization technicians, with its compact area and affordable cost for the place. The automatic misting system is only 5-10 seconds to save you considerable time.

Size: 0.54m x 0.73m x1.3m

Used for Doctors’ offices, and the others.


The Virus Disinfection Chamber VDC-C is the only special design for the disinfection of viruses used on the ceiling, integrating the latest technology and misting systems, easy to install anywhere.

Size: 0.54m x 0.73m x1.3m

Used for the residentials.

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Learn about herbs, an important ingredient to protect your health

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