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The Virus Disinfection Chamber VDC-X is designed to disinfect people entering cleaner private spaces from public spaces. New design of the intelligent sterilization chamber with optimized technologies and exceptionally outperforms analog lines, unique only at VDC-X.

Size: 2.05m x 1.15m x 0.45m

Used for Hospitals, Schools, Markets, Restaurants and Nail salons.


The Virus Disinfection Gate VDG-X sterilization frame is a modern smart design that is appreciated by leading sterilization technicians, with its compact area and affordable cost for the place. The automatic misting system is only 5-10 seconds to save you considerable time.

Size: 0.54m x 0.73m x1.3m

Used for Doctors’ offices, and the others.


The Virus Disinfection Automobile VDA-X is the only special design for the solution disinfection of virus, integrating the latest technology and misting systems, easy to install anywhere.

Size: 7.8mm x 7.8mm x 118mm

Used on the car, home, office and it is easy to use anywhere.


VDS-X (Virus Disinfection Stadium-X)

Coming Soon and will be used for all the stadiums in the near future

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Kisime LLC, Kenergy Coffee & Beverage, VDC-X Enterprises

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Joyful Sublimation Eve's Secret

Even though I'm in my 80s as CEO of Kisime and companies, the pressure is a lot, but I'm still very active and full of energy thanks to Cordy-X accompanying me every day. I'm so proud of the Kisime product line, it's a part of me.

Can Tang , CEO-Founder, Kisime LLC-Kenergy Coffee & Beverage

Mr. Can Tang is very nice, I am really satisfied with the products of Kisime LLC, and at the same time, I am collaborating and distributing Kisime's product lines to my system. It's great for the quality and price of the product.

Rosslynn Taylor Jordan , Movie Actress, Voice-Over Artist and Casting Director

I am a Business Development Manager. Working in the technology industry, I got burnt out and became very stressful. Thanks to SuperHealth-X, I get my daily life balanced again.

Professor Brown , Fullerton University

I was very happy and felt good when I tried Kisime LLC's Kenergy Coffee and Bentonite Clay products. Good quality and many benefits for health, improve efficiency in work and life.

Rebecca Holden , Super Model, Singer, and Movie Actress

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Learn about herbs, an important ingredient to protect your health

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