Escaping War torn Vietnam in early 1980 to live the American Dream came at a very high costs for Mr. Can Tang and his family. Drifting endlessly in the South China Sea, his vessel was attacked by Pirates. Summoning all his inner strength was not enough to save his daughter from being victimized. “My heart and soul disappeared as I hear my daughter’s screams with her outstretched arms and hands and eyes looking at me to rescue her as she was taken away by pirates.” “It felt like the end of my world”……

Most people would’ve succumbed to defeat, instead, realizing that his son and wife needed him even more, Can Tang pushed his determination beyond boundaries by building a good life for his family in the USA. He established a Non-Profit that to this day, helps search for his daughter and those of other kidnapped children.

In business, because of his customer service and record breaking dollar volume, he was nominated CHIEF AUTOPARTS (AutoZone) Manager of the Year 1997. Beating out 700 candidates. His passion for customer service and unstoppable work ethic continues today.

With all these life events and experiences and his sincere desire to help “others”, along with many medical professionals, Can Tang established Kisime, an herbal nutraceutical company.

Can Tang demands nothing but the finest ingredients for his customers. His philosophy is to offer life changing healthy solutions. Backed by research and science, Can Tang believes his products can promote over all wellness and fight modern man’s deficiencies and ailments.

We invite you to try our many healthy solutions.


KISIME is a distributing company that selects promotes, and distributes natural, herbal products of the utmost quality to enhance the health and lifestyle of men and women around the world.

We establish customer bases and business collaborations internationally as our company continues to prosper and expand.

Our company originated from the concept of Quality of Life’ for individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds in the near future, KISIME  will be introducing more products that will be carefully selected and developed with the customer’s needs, wants and safety in mind.


Become a smart investor, with many price incentives. we always welcome you.

Even though I'm in my 80s as CEO of Kisime and companies, the pressure is a lot, but I'm still very active and full of energy thanks to Cordy-X accompanying me every day. I'm so proud of the Kisime product line, it's a part of me.

Can Tang , CEO-Founder, Kisime LLC-Kenergy Coffee & Beverage

Mr. Can Tang is very nice, I am really satisfied with the products of Kisime LLC, and at the same time, I am collaborating and distributing Kisime's product lines to my system. It's great for the quality and price of the product.

Rosslynn Taylor Jordan , Movie Actress, Voice-Over Artist and Casting Director

It was my gynecologist who first talked to me about EM for me. With thí treatment I resolved the problems related to menopause that I suffered from, especially vaginal dryness.

Clara Johnson , Housewife

After my second pregnancy I had problems because of vaginal laxity. I tried several options unsuccessfully MonaLisa Touch helped me a lot in improving my conditions and set my intimate life

Angelina Hernandez , Nurse

Eve's Secret, A game changer. I like to use this word because it is fulfilling a huge void for women. Vaginal Atrophy is a huge problem: millions and millions of women are suffering from this, and unfortunately most of them are suffering in silence.

Dr. Jacqueline Thu Thao , Clinical Pharmacist