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BCC-X Bentonite Calcium Clay 5oz


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Pure Bentonite Powder for DIY Detox Bath & Facial Mask, Pure Healing Clay for Burns, Mastitis, Inflamed or Chapped Skin

HEALING CLAY FACE MASK: Clay masks are some of the most beneficial face masks. This volcanic clay mask fights acne, prevents pigmentation, heals blemishes, and diminishes scar marks. It will make your skin feel moisturized and soft. With a therapeutic grade, this nutrient-rich mask can help nourish and revitalize your skin for a more youthful appearance. Ideal for sensitive skin. BENTONITE FACE MASK: This natural face mask contains 100% natural bentonite clay powder that has been enriched with minerals. Bentonite draws toxins out of the skin and helps shrink pores, making this a powerful, deep pore cleansing and detoxifying face mask. Our healing clay mask also contains other natural ingredients like plant proteins fiber, Omega-3, Omega-6, and minerals like calcium, iron, and sodium. HIGH ABSORPTION FACE MASK: This nourishing clay powder has a natural tendency to absorb the moisture it comes in contact with. It extracts harmful liquids from the deep pores of the skin while also removing infectious pathogens and dirt that our skin comes in contact with daily. Let your beauty shine with this Indian healing clay mask. ETHICAL, VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE: Our Indian Healing Bentonite Clay Mask is vegan and cruelty-free, meaning that none of our products are tested on animals. Our ethical face mask is also free of chemicals and ammonia. Avoid harsh chemicals found in peel off masks. These masks are for women and for men because of their natural exfoliating and anti-aging properties.

Unlock Radiant Skin with BCC-X Bentonite Clay Mask: Your Secret to Clear, Glowing Complexion!

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Combo 3 Pouches of Cordy-X (60 capsules)



Buying 3 pouches of CDX (60 capsules)

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  INGREDIENT: * ORGANIC CORDYCEPS, SUNTHEANINE, CAFFEIN Benefits: Helps boost energy and immune system, focus, alertness, fight stress and strengthen vitality *** based on Chinese herbal medicine Materia medical revised edition book. ***These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

 Units in Pouch: 20 capsules

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Cordy-X (60 Capsules)



Buying CDX (60 capsules)

ONLY $79.99

  NGREDIENT: * ORGANIC CORDYCEPS, SUNTHEANINE, CAFFEIN Benefits: Helps boost energy and immune system, focus, alertness, fight stress and strengthen vitality *** based on Chinese herbal medicine materia medica revised edition book. ***These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

 Units in Bottle: 60 capsules

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Eve’s Secret

EVE’S SECRET is a revolutionary feminine health care product that is a vaginal suppository designed to rejuvenate and to help restore the vagina without surgery or expensive procedures. It has been formulated to achieve the best results while retaining the quality of its natural ingredients. The female genitalia is made up of numerous muscles and other soft tissues. It loses strength and elasticity over a period of time, especially after childbirth. A loose "love canal" severely decreases the quality of sex, sensation and pleasure during sexual intercourse. EVE’S SECRET could be your key to unlocking the sensation that has been hidden. EVE’S SECRET may also help reduce urinary incontinence, could eliminate odors and may also heighten sensitivity and pleasure for you and your partner! ---------------------------------------------------------- INGREDIENTS * PHELLODENDRI CORTEX : bitter, cold Action & Indications : - Drains damp- heat, particularly from the lower burner : for such problems as thick, yellow vaginal discharge foul-smelling. Drains fire and relieves toxicity: for fire toxin generated sores and damp lesions of the skin. USE IN GYNECOLOGY : External preparations of PHELLODENDRI CORTEX.have been useful in the treatment of vaginitis and cervicitis from Trichomonas infection. * SCUTELLARIAE BAICALENSIS RADIX : Bitter, cold Actions & indications : - Clear heat and dries dampness, stop bleeding. SCUTELLARIAE BAICALENSIS RADIX has been shown to have a rather brood antimicrobial spectrum. it had an inhibitory effect in vitro againskany pathogenic bacteria  including Staphylococcus aureus, Corynebacterium diphtheria, Pseudomonas.... * RHIZOMA RHEI : Bitter ,cold. Actions & Indications : - Clear heat and reduces fire toxicity : used either topically or internally for burnsor hot skin lesions. * CURCUMAE LONGAE RHIOMA : Acrid ,bitter ,warm Actions &  Indications : - Invigorates the blood and unblocks menstruation. promotes the movement of qi and allevieates pain. Antibiotic effect : curcumin has relatively strong in vitro inhibitory effect against Staphilococus aureus. Animal experiments have shown Curcumae longae rhizome to have some effect against many dermatomycoses and viruses. ( this statement have not been evaluated by FDA . This product is not intended to diagnose , treat , cure or prevent any disease )

Eve's Secret: Unlock the Power of Natural Rejuvenation for Your Feminine Health!

Experience the Transformation: Discover Eve's Secret for Natural Vaginal Rejuvenation!

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INGREDIENTS : * PINELLIA TERNATA: Acrid ,Warm ,toxic. Actions & Indications : - Dries dampness, transforms phlegm, and causes rebellious qi to descend. Harmonizes the stomach and stops vomiting: for lingering * CITRUS RETICULATA : Acrid, bitter ,warm, aromatic . Actions Indications : - Regulates the Qi, dries dampness and transforms phlegm : an important herb for phlegm - damp cough with a stifling sensation chest or diaphragm and copious viscous sputum. * ASTRAGALUS MEMBRANACEUS : Sweet, slightly warm. Actions & Indications : - The herb stabilizes the protective Qi. It also tonifies the lung and is used for frequent colds or shortness of breath. * CURCUMA LONGA :( NGHỆ ) Acrid , bitter , warm. Actions & Indications : - Invigorates the blood for chest or abdominal pain. It has a relatively strong Antibiotic effect against staphylococcus aureus. Animal experiments have shown curcuma Longa to have some effect against many dermatomycoses and virus. * PLATYCODON GRANDIFLORUM : Bitter ,Acrid ,neutral. Actions & Indications: - Directs the effect of other herbs to upper regions of the body. opens up and disseminates the lung QI . Promotes the discharge the pus associated with the lung abscess or throat abscess in many cases of sore throat or loss of voice. * CITRUS RETICULATA : Bitter , acrid , Warm. Actions & Indications : - Dissipates clumps and reduces stagnation. Dries dampness and transforms phlegm. Especially useful for breast abscesses with this etiology. * OPHIOPOGON JAPONICUS : Sweet ,slightly bitter, slightly cold . Actions & Indications : - Moistens the Lungs and stop cough used whenever the lung yin has been injured with such signs as dry cough, thick sputum is difficult to expectorate and coughing up blood. * ZINGIBER OFFICINALE : Acrid , Warm . Actions & Indications : - Disperses cold and stop coughing for coughing due to both acute wind cold cough and chronic LUNG disorders with phlegm. * PRUNUS ARMENIACA : Bitter , slightly Warm, slightly toxic. Actions & Indications : - Stop coughing and calms wheezing, used quite broadly for many kinds of cough disorders caused by either heat or cold or externally - contracted dry cough. * RED REISHI : Actions & Indications : - Improve oxygen utilization and improve liver functions. Can enhance our body’s immune system to help anxiety, Bronchitis, insomnia and asthma. It has been used to treat various diseases in China for more than 2.000 years * MULLEIN : Actions & Indications : - To help respiratory disease & asthma symptom. Mullein is known as Verbasacum thapsus in the 19th century, people smoked Mullein’s roots or dried flowers to treat respiratory disease and asthma symptoms (These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease) Units in box: 60

Lung-X: Unleash the Power of Optimal Liver and Kidney Health!

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Pain-X: Your Ultimate Solution to Pain Relief

Are you tired of battling with persistent pain, searching endlessly for a solution that works? Look no further, as Pain-X is here to alleviate your discomfort and provide you with the relief you deserve. Manufactured in the USA, Pain-X is a cutting-edge supplement designed to address various types of discomfort, offering a natural alternative for those seeking relief. Key Features:
  • Natural Ingredients: Pain-X harnesses the power of Mitragyna Speciosa, a botanical known for its pain-relieving properties. Each capsule contains approximately 500mg of Mitragyna Speciosa leaf powder, carefully encapsulated to ensure optimal potency and efficacy.
  • Easy to Use: Say goodbye to complicated dosing schedules. Simply take 2 capsules with a meal, up to a maximum of 6 capsules per day, as needed. Pain-X offers convenience without compromising on effectiveness, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine.
  • Quality Assurance: Rest assured, Pain-X is manufactured with the highest standards of quality and safety in mind. Our product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure purity and potency, providing you with a reliable solution you can trust.
Safety Precautions:
  • FDA Disclaimer: It's important to note that Pain-X has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not FDA-approved. However, our commitment to quality and safety remains unwavering.
  • Caution: While Pain-X offers relief, it's essential to use it responsibly. Keep it out of reach of children, and store it in a cool, dry place to maintain its integrity.
  • Consultation Advised: Before incorporating Pain-X into your wellness routine, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional, especially if you have underlying medical conditions or are taking medications. Additionally, avoid combining Pain-X with alcohol or other medications without prior consultation.
  • Legal Disclaimer: Pain-X is intended for adult use only. It is illegal to possess Pain-X if you are under 21 years of age, in accordance with local and/or state laws. Furthermore, if you are pregnant or nursing, we advise against using Pain-X.
Experience the Difference: Don't let pain hold you back from living your life to the fullest. With Pain-X, you can reclaim control and experience relief like never before. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a brighter, pain-free future. Try Pain-X today and discover the difference it can make in your life.
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